Suzanne Miles isn't a politician. She’s a businessperson, who knows what it takes to get the job done. Suzanne isn’t going to Frankfort to join the club; she is going to Frankfort to make a difference for our families and local businesses.


Create Jobs

Suzanne Miles is focused on job creation. As a fiscal conservative and former small business owner, Suzanne knows what it takes to create jobs. Suzanne will go to Frankfort to be a helping hand and lend an ear to our local businesses that are working everyday to grow and create jobs in our community. As our next state representative Suzanne will work to cut wasteful spending, address infrastructure needs, and continue to highlight the capable and productive workforce in our community. Job creation will be a top priority for Suzanne Miles.


Suzanne Miles is a pro-life conservative and will fight to protect the lives of the born and unborn in the state of Kentucky. She believes that proper education can help change the hearts of so many who are unaware of the consequences of their choices.  

Kentucky Right To Life has endorsed Suzanne Miles.

Quality Health Care

Folks here in Western Kentucky deserve access to quality health care. Obamacare is not the answer and will continue to hurt small businesses, individuals and our overall economy. Suzanne Miles will work to find solutions to these problems and bring quality health care to the people of Western Kentucky.


Suzanne Miles supports gun owners and will stand up for our God-given Second Amendment rights.

Improve Education

Suzanne Miles believes a world-class education is the best way we can prepare our children for the twenty-first century workforce. She affirms that we have an obligation to provide Kentucky’s students the most effective education we can – our children deserve it.

Reduce Wasteful Government Spending

Raised on a farm, Suzanne learned about hard work and the value of a dollar at an early age. Too many of the politicians in Frankfort have forgotten these simple lessons. The state Government's spending habits and budget gimmicks are hurting Kentucky taxpayers and costing us jobs and opportunity. We need a representative who understands the principles of fiscal responsibility and will take a stand against the career politicians to bring some reason and common sense back to the budget process. 

Suzanne will fight for taxpayers. She will focus on protecting our tax dollars by working to:


* Cut wasteful spending

* Balance the budget

* Support a spending cap


Suzanne Miles is a fiscal conservative we can count on to combat the overspending in Frankfort.

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