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When you’re raised on a farm in Western Kentucky, you learn a lot about hard work, fairness, and how to treat others. I'm still in love with this place and all the folks who make it special. I believe the people of Kentucky can create jobs, improve our schools, and deliver quality healthcare. As your state representative, I want to lend a helping hand, not add to the problems in Frankfort.


This campaign will be focused on a substantive discussion about how to move our state in the right direction. Kentucky has abundant natural resources, wonderful schools, and people who understand what it means to treat people with fairness and honesty. Unfortunately, too many "leaders" in Frankfort have lost their way and forgotten some of these simple yet valuable lessons. This lack of integrity is one of the reasons I am running; I believe we can do better.


I can't promise that we will agree on every issue but as your elected public servant I will strive to work for the people of the 7th District to best of my ability. 


I need your vote on November 6th. Together we will keep Kentucky special!

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